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Cedar Creek offers many services included in the apartment rate. You will enjoy three delicious meals. Utilities included are water, sewer, electricity, basic cable, and telephone capabilities. Our 24 hour-a-day staff provides meals, activities, and appointment reminders, adult homealong with scheduled transportation for doctor visits, shopping, and social events. The Resident Care Staff will provide medication assistance and supervision. Planned activities are plentiful, fun and entertaining. Also included is weekly housekeeping and laundry. We provide every resident with warmth, comfort, care, and love.

There are 3 unique apartment plans available to meet the needs of all of our residents. Ranging in size from 435 to 572 square feet, these deluxe apartments are a terrific place to call home.


Don't forget that we encourage our residents to bring their own furniture and decorations to create a unique and comfortable living area that suits their individual needs. At Cedar Creek, we understand that independence, choices and comfortable surroundings are stepping stones to active and healthy lives.

Additional services are available to those who require special care. Each resident will receive an assessment on the individual care needed to make their stay at Cedar Creek enjoyable. The base fee, which is usually sufficient, includes many services. However, a resident may require a higher level of care that goes beyond the base fee.

At Cedar Creek, we also understand the importance of family and how important it is for couples to stay together. To help you keep your special bond, specially discounted Companion rates are available.

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